Project 2 Phase 1

15 May 2015

The Phase 1 deliverables were due today. They were our 5 sites examined, 18 of our concepts for this design installation, and the 3 concept maps prioritizing which concepts do what best. The document turned out longer than I would have expected.

We explored all different and unique sites to keep our minds open. The sites looked at varied from busy train or bus stations, to the festive South Bank Parklands, to inside university buildings, and to dog parks.

We were able to come up with quite a few interesting ideas. Some of these were a bus shelter air-conditioning system that requires multiple people to activate, cookies made to be shared, or my favorite our Pee-H values. The last one may scare you off but don't worry this is to help people, it tests to see if people can notice urine in a chlorinated pool and warns them of the dangers of uric acid. If you can't tell then just don't go in public pools anymore.

I may have boasted unique sites, however the concept maps have revealed that many of the concepts. All concepts are similar in how specific the audience targeted is, the cost of parts, how time consuming, and interactive they are.

We have yet to decide upon our final installation concept but we are all tired and will enjoy this weekend of rest.

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