Site Survey - Toowong Train Station

14 May 2015

For this project we needed to do a site survey where we take photos and note down characteristics of possible locations we can film and install our installation. I was really excited to take some pictures of people in the hussle and bustle of a busy public transport hub such as Brisbane Central train station and Toowong train station.

Unfortunately my whole fortnight has been really busy with assignments and work, so I wasn't able to go out to the city throughout the fortnight. The only time I could go out to take photos was on a Sunday. And on top of that, the Sunday I went happened to be Mother's Day.

Oh the disappointment I felt when I realised that no one would be taking public transport on a Sunday, let alone on Mother's Day. I walked along the empty roads and took photos of the empty public transport hubs.

Next time I will make sure to go during a busy time to get the full experience of what that location is like. Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure:

Photo credit: Jairaldine Cruz

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