Site Survey - Indooroopilly Bus Station

May 10, 2015

Today I went to check out my chosen installation site, the bus station at Indooroopilly Shopping Centre. Upon arrival, I was surprised to see how empty it was. There were still a good amount of people there, but not as many as I have usually seen. I then realised that this was all because of the time of the day. It was only 2pm in the afternoon, on a Thursday, and I am usually there at peak hours. Hours like 8am and after 3pm, when it is very busy with students and people travelling to and from work. I took note of these circumstances in the Phase 1 deliverable.

Facing platforms B and A
Photo credit: Hayden Otto

Facing platforms B and C
Photo credit: Hayden Otto

People waiting for their bus to arrive on platform A
Photo credit: Hayden Otto

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