Site Survey - Southbank Parklands

09 May 2015

Living in Highgate Hill, it is just a 20 minute walk away from Southbank Parklands which I frequently visit during the weekend. This site amazed me when I first visited it in the month of February, my first month living in Australia. I came down to the Parklands at about 5:20pm today, the Sun had already set.

Beach and Chlorinated swimming pool by the Brisbane River
Photo credit: Jonathan Chan

I have never seen or imagined a man-made beach overlooking the river and even the Brisbane CBD before. My impression of Brisbane changed drastically as I suddenly thought of this city to be really cool and relaxing. In the morning, the beach is populated with many people suntanning and having some fun in the pool.

The Collective Markets are here every Saturdays
Photo credit: Jonathan Chan

While conducting my site survey, I noticed that most people who are here come in groups of three or more. There are some couples who hang out in the restaurants. Generally there is a very happy and carefree vibe going around. People here seem to have a lot of time on their hands. I think that this is a good spot for an installation. 

The Collective Markets appear every Saturdays and attracts many tourists and locals alike. They sell a variety of handmade items ranging from aboriginal boomerangs, to handcrafted phone covers and much more.  

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