06 May 2015

Tech savvy team brainstorming
Photo credit: Jonathan Chan

The group came together for another meeting to discuss the Phase 1 deliverables that would be due on Friday, 15 May. During the one hour session we decided to brainstorm as many concepts for the installation as possible. Throughout the hour we came up with 18 different concepts that fits the design brief. These concepts are as follows:
  1. Share Cookies
  2. Mood/Message Board
  3. Dream Box
  4. NFC ‘Bump’ Rewards
  5. High Five in CBD
  6. Free Beer, Work for it.
  7. Pee-H Values
  8. Venting Room
  9. Bus Shelter
  10. Love Crossing
  11. Graffiti Wall
  12. No Access
  13. Unattainable Reward
  14. History Quiz
  15. Social App
  16. Social Carriage
  17. Happy Doorway
  18. Failure

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