Unleash the Mood Board

01 June 2015

This is it. The day that we pull out the Mood Board for the public to share their smiles and frowns, and we really hope that the public would take the time to encourage others. I created this sign on Adobe Illustrator to attract attention by using bright, vibrant colours.

This is the shopping list for the day:
  1. Post-It stick notes
  2. Printing A3 Poster Sign
  3. Lollies
  4. T-Shirts
We met up outside the design studio at Advanced Engineering Building at 1330hrs and set up the Mood Board (whiteboard). Then brought the Mood Board out to UQ Main Refectory where we filmed and interacted with the public.

Surprisingly, it went really well! Within a short span of 20 minutes, the Mood Board received many Post-Its from the public. Although we were there to invite people to participate, many were already looking at it, wanting to participate. We rewarded every participant with lollies, you should have seen how happy they were to receive. 

After about 20 minutes of great success, a representative of UQ Union came down to tell us that we had to book the area if we wanted to set a booth up. Although nobody was using the area, the Union still wanted us out. 

We were satisfied with the result for the day and proceeded back to the Advanced Engineering Building for a quick debrief.  

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