Post-it Note Results

June 1, 2015

We have finally finished setting up our installation! The Mood Board was an overall success. We had so many people interact with the board whether it be through writing on a post-it and putting it up, or taking photos of it.

There was a final total of 32 post-it notes on the board. 10 were moods that were bad, 8 were moods that were "meh", and 14 were moods that were good. A lot of the bad moods were to do with exams and the frustration/stress/anxiety that people are experiencing during the weeks leading up to the mid-year exams. This is understandable because we're only about 2 weeks away from the exams starting.

I like how there are some post-it notes that have drawings on them too. It provides that little extra description of how they're currently feeling.

Here are the responses we had on the Mood Board installation:

Bad moods:

Meh moods:

Good moods:

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